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These simple changes will Help Reduce Stress Around the Office

Do you find yourself feeling trapped in your office? Does the environment feel too gloomy to be able to focus on your work and get your task done productively? Do these barriers from a happy work environment cause stress on you? These subtle changes around the office can result in a much more productive and stress free work environment.

The Open Floor Plan

Many would shudder at the idea of leaving their comfortable cubicle and being exposed to the rest of the company. However, studies have proven this has actually reduced stress among workers.  That being said, desk screens would be essential to maintain a sense of privacy for the employees. However, being in an open floor plan creates a far more collaborative and energetic environment. S & S Office Interiors also offers full fit outs, where we can transform your space into this productive setting.

desk screen

Pictured above are different coloured options of desk screens in our showroom in Swords Co. Dublin

Pictured above are different coloured options of desk screens in our showroom in Swords Co. Dublin

Height Adjustable Desks

Employees will feel much better and less stressed  when they have the option to stretch, stand, and walk around throughout the day. With a Sit Stand Desk, employees will feel freedom throughout the day to complete their tasks at hand. These height adjustable desks are proven to reduce stress by ⅓, which has a world of benefits for your productivity and your health. If switching to one of these desks does not seem feasible, another option is an ergonomic chair.

Relaxing Break Area

People are not meant to constantly work for hours straight with no break. They need short and calming breaks strategically placed throughout the day in order to recharge and continue their productivity. Taking the time out of your day to relax for a few minutes is scientifically proven to make the time in your day where you are working more productive by decreasing your stress whilst increasing your energy. By introducing a calming break area with comfortable seating, companies can create an inviting work environment.

Change the Lighting

Have you ever woken up and wanted to go back to bed but upon opening the shades and seeing the window light felt more alert? The same process happens when you become tired throughout the workday due to lack of light. The more light, the more alert one will feel throughout their day in the office. When one is tired, the brain makes more errors due to it being less efficient which leads to stress. By introducing light in the office through sky lighting, one will become more alert and efficient by reducing their stress levels.

bespoke skylight

Pictured above is our Sky Lights by Bespoke, mimicking sunlight

Ultimately, these little changes around the office will lead to a healthier and more productive work environment. By creating an open floor plan with desk screens, introducing height adjustable desks or ergonomic seating, creating a getaway area in the office and introducing some light into your employees day, your office will run much smoother. Remember, a stress free employee is a productive one.