Our Manufacture Vepa have repeatedly expressed their ambition to make nothing but sustainable circular furniture in the future and a 100% biological chair fits in perfectly with this vision. Using the beautiful, natural material hemp and Plantics bio-resin, this turned out to be possible, resulting in Hemp Fine and Hemp High.

Regional hemp

The residual waste of fibres from hemp processing is used as raw material to make the seat shell of the chair. The advantages of hemp are that it grows without artificial fertilizer or pesticides, hardly requires any water and is grown in the Netherlands. In addition, hemp is super strong and absorbs CO2. Resulting in a negative CO2 footprint for the production of the chair. So more CO2 is absorbed than is emitted.

After harvesting, the fibres are removed from the hemp and combed in the Hempflax factory. The result is a thick, natural brown mat, which is the basic material for the chair. To press the mat into the shape of the chair, the binding agent developed by Plantics is used.

Infinitely reusable chair

What makes this chair truly unique is that we can shred it and turn it back into a chair again without adding chemicals or other substances.

The individual components of the chair are designed in such a way that they can easily be separated and reused after use. Although they are completely biodegradable in nature, we prefer not to break them down. That is a waste and unnecessary. The shell is shredded and then pressed again. The same quality, repeated over and over again. We are the only company in the world where this is possible without having to add new raw materials.