Some 29% of workers have considered moving jobs because of the impact their work environment is having on their health. Creating an ideal space for a happy and productive team can help avoid increased recruitment costs and associated drops in productivity. Choosing standing desks is a great place to begin but here are a few more ideas […]

The link between employee wellbeing and productivity has long been known. In fact, a whopping 71% of office workers believe their employers should do more to proactively prevent health issues in the workplace. One simple, practical measure you can take to promote employee wellbeing, and with it productivity, is to introduce standing desks. Research has […]

If you find yourself working at home after years in an office surrounded by colleagues, the change can be big. Many people see working from home as liberating, flexible and good for concentration. Others can find the experience a shock to the system, from having no-one to talk with to family interruptions, or finding work […]