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Here is a little about us: S & S Office Interiors Ltd was founded by Alan Spain in June 2008 in Swords, Co. Dublin.

We are a leading Office Furniture Fit-Out company with a satisfied customer base throughout Ireland. We have worked on a wide variety of projects from upgrading of seating to project management for complete new office fit-outs with customers ranging from small companies to large enterprises, government, private and international companies.

Our Websites:

Office Furniture & Fit Out: www.ssofficeinteriors.ie

Control Room Furniture: www.controlroomfurniture.ie

Air Purifiers: www.hepaairpurifier.ie

The company is comprised of the following divisions; Office Furniture, Control Room Furniture, Educational Furniture (Eromes Marko), Office Air Purifiers (Aeramax Professional) & Office Fit-Out.

Our showroom is based in Swords, Co. Dublin and showcases a large variety of our Office Furniture products including Ergonomic Office Seating, Soft Seating, Commercial Flooring, Office Storage, Bench Desk Systems, Height Adjustable Desks, Aeramax Air purifier system (Certified for Covid 19 & H13 Certified) and Bespoke Projects. The desks are also finished with Desk Screens and Desk Partitions.

Our product ranges come from our many manufactures across Europe such as:


Flokk, HAG Seating, RH Seating, HumanScale, Vepa, Eromes Marko Eductional Seating, MDD & Cadeinor.

Desking, Reception, Boardroom & Storage:

S & S custom bench desk system, Dynamobal,  Vepa, Winsted Control room, Lund Hasley, MECO Office Italy, Styloffice Italy, MDD, Quadrifoglio Group, Buronomic, Narbutas, Bisley, Verco, Narbutas & HumanScale Desking.


Eromes Marko, VEPA, Nomique.


Human Scale, Fellowes, Vepa, Eromes Marko & Atdec Monitor Arms.

Fire Safes & Lockers:

Phoenix Fire Safes, Probe Lockers, Bisley Metal Storage Systems .


Bachmann, OE Electrics, Fellowes & OmniCharge.

Air Purifier Systems:

Aeramax Professional.

Control Room Furniture:

Winsted, Lund Hasley, Throna 24/7 Seating, Hag Seating, RH Seating, Flokk Seating, Atdec Monitor Arm Systems.


Forbo, Allura Flex, Commercial Flooring tiles, Vinyl anti slip flooring & custom logo door mats.

Sustainability & Our Manufactures

Sustainability in conjunction with our manufactures is a major factor when S & S are choosing products and materials for our customer and their furniture and fit out projects across Ireland. We have built up a reputation in the office furniture sector in Ireland for driving forward with manufactures with a focus on Sustainability.

Here are some of the manufactures we work with and their achievements and future goals in Sustainability.


For us, sustainable production and circular design is not just something of recent times. We have been working on this for years and have come up with a number of solutions. These solutions are based on a number of fundamental, sustainable choices. We explain these choices below. In addition, our videoseries “Sustainable Solutions by Vepa” shows how we innovate, think, and above all, act sustainably.

Social & sustainable development report

We proudly present the Social & sustainable development report of the Fair Furniture Group version 2023-2024. We aspire to be a leader in sustainable, circular and social business and the report therefore focuses on people, society and the planet. After all, fair to people, society and the planet is the basis on which the Fair Furniture Group wants to contribute to a new future-proof economy.

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100% in-house

CSR  Social Return  raw materials  LCA Circular Centre

Vepa is the only manufacturer of office and project furniture whose products are 100% made in our own factories in Breda, Emmen, Hoogeveen, Wijchen and Telford.

This provides control over quality, ensures good working conditions and results in a CO2 reduction of up to 70%. Our production locations are close to the customer and raw materials are always from our region.

Sustainable production

sustainable design  recycling of wood  recycling of steel  recycling of textile

Vepa is firmly en route to a waste-free factory. Optimisation programmes and smart programming ensure that we use our raw materials as efficiently as possible. We have devised sustainable solutions for the residual material that remains.

For example, we use our wood residues for new benches, our textile waste is reused in acoustic walls and we turn our steel waste into chair frames.


Caring for our Planet

Given the current climate, companies across the globe are looking at ways to cut costs and become more environmentally friendly. Whether this is to help the planet or to simply cut energy costs, it’s obvious now more than ever that we need to embrace new ways of working.

Here at JDD Furniture, we are investing a lot of time, money and effort into reducing our carbon footprint across the entire business. By prioritising sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions, we are not only contributing positively to the environment but also reaping various long-term benefits.

Our Responsibility

We have a responsibility to our community and environment. As a manufacturer, we also need to be gentle on the environment. That means we are never wasteful of raw materials and we always reduce, reuse and recycle!

With increasing awareness of environmental issues, many consumers prefer to support eco-conscious companies. By promoting its sustainable practices, we can attract and retain environmentally aware customers, leading to a potential increase in sales and brand loyalty. Additionally, such practices can also help attract and retain employees who value corporate environmental responsibility.

FISP Renewal

Our first step was to renew our membership with FISP –
Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme for another year. By doing so, we will continue to assess and reduce our carbon emissions throughout our operations. This will involve implementing energy-efficient manufacturing techniques, adopting renewable energy sources, and optimising transportation logistics to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

As timber is a primary component of our products, we are FSC ® certified (FSC-C109654) which ensures our timber comes from fully audited sustainable forests.

Forbo Flooring Systems

Sustainability Campaign Web Slider

WE GO ROUND In order to move forward

At Forbo Flooring Systems, we believe actions speak louder than words. We want to be a trusted partner who provides full transparency when it comes to circular flooring solutions and renewable raw materials.

It’s about the things we do, not just about the things we promise.



Renewable materials are an important part of a fully circular future. That’s why we continue to increase the bio-based content in our portfolio. We are the world leader in Linoleum, and our Marmoleum consists of more than 97% natural and renewable raw materials.


With life cycle assessments as our constant guide for doing right, we continue to lead the industry towards new environmental standards. We have secured third-party verified EPDs and we include human and eco-health declarations in all of our EPDs.


We work on creating products that keep the end in mind – and do this throughout our design process and choice of materials. Our Back to the Floor programme is active in many markets, contributing to reuse and recycling.


Three product categories to choose from:

Thanks to our commitment to sustainability, the Forbo Flooring Systems’ product portfolio has some truly unique sustainable solutions.

1. Linoleum – Created with 97% natural raw materials, Marmoleum 2.5mm is carbon neutral when it leaves our factory, without offsetting.

2. Vinyl – Truly safe to use and offers great adhesive free options, ready for the circular economy.

3. Textile – Having a high percentage of recycled content, in carpet tiles, entrance flooring and Flotex flocked flooring.


Medio ambiente

We are concerned about the future because that’s where we’ll be spending the rest of our lives. It’s where we’ll reach our goals, realise our dreams and where we will have the perfect opportunity to shape the world our children will inherit.


Dynamobel accepts its commitment to the environment as a basic guideline for all of its work. Our work respects and forms a harmonious part of the environment, earning us quality certificates such as ISO 14001.

The environment has formed part of our strategy for some time and not only in the definition, application and behaviour of our production processes, but also in the design of our products and through our commitment to our Environmental Policy, reflected in the environmental certificates we have obtained.

We have integrated CSR into our management system in order to attain Sustainable Development, understood as: the pursuit of meeting the needs of today without compromising the possibility of future generations to meet their own needs.


We are also committed to our community. At Dynamobel, we are proud to belong to different generations. We have managed to unite in one place the experience of those who have been with Dynamobel for years with the excitement and motivation of those who have just arrived.

The aim is to contribute effectively to the construction of a horizon of sustainable competitiveness as a Navarrese company and gradually strengthen the ingredients of innovation, transparency, multidimensionality -economic, environmental and social sustainability- and dialogue with stakeholders.

CSR is a way to avoid penalties for the firm and surprises for investors and shareholders, and to facilitate financing, cut risks, create opportunities and enhance competitiveness, brand image and reputation.

At Dynamobel, we have taken on board a commitment to the environment as a keystone that drives our activity. Our work is in harmony with and respects the environment, as reflected in all the environmental certification we have earned since our commitment to the environment first took shape in October 2007 with the implementation and maintenance of our Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001: 2015.


Zrównoważona produkcja i technologia

Long lasting design

The right design process allows for long-lasting products due to the right use of materials and easy assembly which translates into less installation time while also avoiding damages during the installation, this also equates to a reduction in after-sale issues and avoids unnecessary re-deliveries.

Our commitment to continuously guarantee long-lasting products contributes positively to the use of only necessary resources and materials.

Sustainable production and technology

The manufacturing process of .mdd products takes place in the factory located in Sepolno Krajenskie, Poland. The factory has recently undergone continuous investments in machinery and technology, which has been crucial in the development of new products, resulting in the ability to control and adapt to sudden changes that may arise. This investment also translates into using only the necessary transport of the raw materials to the factory and then to the client, instead of additional transport which would otherwise be used when outsourcing work, meaning a reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

The use of optimal fabric lamination technology and cutting technologies with machines like the Cutter, has significantly lowered the volume of the material waste and the amount needed to manufacture the goods. Our painting line is a method of powder coating that works at the highest speed possible while ensuring accuracy and quality in the final result. The procedure is set to collect and recycle spill of powder coat, limit the exposure of toxic fumes, and re-use the heat produced during this process to be later re-purposed.

By using new machinery, the production complies with the highest energy usage standards, with an energy-saving mode prompting the systems into a “suspension” mode when not in use.

Currently, the production process is saving 1/6th of its power usage due to the use of solar panels, .mdd is committed to improving this by saving 60% of the power by 2022 through advanced use of this solar power technology.

Reliable sources

The use of only domestic and European suppliers ensure high-quality material and minimum impact on the environment.

The main subjects of that distribution are ready parts, components and predominantly upholstery fabrics. We make an effort not only to manage our supply chain in a sustainable way, but also to include ecological textiles in our offer. One of them is Mica, almost entirely recycled. 97% of the polyester used in its production comes from post-consumer recycling. Also Kvadrat’s Field and Gabriel’s Go Check are environmentally friendly choices. Made of 100% Trevira CS, they hold a few sustainability certificates, such as the EU Ecolabel, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Greenguard and Greenguard Gold. Last, but not least, the Vita eco-leather contributes to the positive climate change, as it is an animal friendly alternative to the traditional material.


.mdd has prominently focused on the increase of digitalisation, especially in the marketing sphere. A significant decrease in paper usage has been shown by bringing to an end the production of printed copies of brochures, price lists and other supportive material. This initiative has been put in place, as well as introducing an advanced online configurator and the availability to download important material through the website. This has benefited the client positively given that the access to the latest information is at their fingertips, this results in the possibility to use less of their physical storage space and the peace of mind of not having to carry heavy material around.

The introduction of QR codes labelled on the carton boxes allowed .mdd to utterly terminate further printing of paper manuals.

Eco packaging

All .mdd products are delivered in parts, meaning each part is flat-packed ensuring quality upon arrival; this reduces the volume used per vehicle, providing the opportunity to host a larger quantity of products to be loaded on a single lorry. In 2020, .mdd decided to use honeycomb paper panels instead of Styrofoam; paper can be easily recycled which lowers the negative impact on the environment.

The paper and/or cardboard has 100 % post-consumer material. The company is constantly investing efforts on increasing the levels of recycled plastic usage, currently, part of the plastic being used in packaging has post-consumer material.

Utilizing the carton box making machine, .mdd is capable of producing custom size packaging for all its products, reducing the use of paper and increasing the amount of load carried by a single lorry.

Optimised transport

Currently, the increasing levels of CO2 in the environment due to the number of vehicles are one of the biggest causes of pollution. Around one-quarter of these vehicles circulating worldwide happen to be lorries, which is why .mdd invests efforts in optimising each delivery route once products leave the factory. Our logistics technology allows different configurations and monitoring of traffic flow for efficient routes in order to reduce mileage, fuel consumption and the number of lorries needed to deliver the products worldwide.

The absence of third-party logistics means a more straightforward approach when planning; the products are delivered directly to the customer, reducing not only timings but extra fuel used if third parties were involved.

Social responsibility

For .mdd, taking care of the local community is equally as important as caring for the environment. The company makes an effort to be socially responsible, regularly engaging in charity campaigns. Especially those that focus on helping local residents and supporting organisations in the region. If only it is possible, .mdd takes actions aimed at supporting its employees and their families. Such actions take various forms, from product donations to fundraising, but they all contribute to improving the quality of life in the immediate neighbourhood of the company.

Environmental compliance

.mdd complies with ISO-14001 and ISO-9001 certificates, prompting the company to constantly improve in matters related to quality, safety, and environment.

All .mdd products have been checked for environmental and health regulations. No forbidden hazardous chemicals (in accordance to REACH) have been used during the production process, guaranteeing it’s safe to use.

The category E1 means that these boards are categorised in the low E1 class for formaldehyde stated and thereby meet the current requirements across Europe.

Raw materials and components are bought in Europe with CE marking and others, ensuring European standards for health, safety and hygiene, as well as sustainable compliance.

The Environmental Product Declaration is the overview of the product following the rules and principles outlined in EN ISO 14025 and 14040 that states thorough information about the environmental impact of the product’s entire lifecycle.

.mdd meets the requirements of the more and more environmentally conscious world and complies with the standards of modern procurement in public and private sectors.

Currently, the EPD cards feature the entire OGI line-up, with more items to come in the nearby future.

ISO certificates:

  • EN ISO 9001:2015;
  • PL ISO 9001:2015;
  • EN ISO 140001:2015;
  • PN-N-18001:2004

Product certificates:

  • Environmental Product Declaration Type III ITB No. 267/2021. Conference tables
  • Environmental Product Declaration Type III ITB No. 266/2021. Office desks
  • Test of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emission by the chamber method according to PN-EN ISO 16000-9