Are you looking at a office fit out project in 2023, no matter how big or small here are some helpful tips and more importantly the Do’s & Don’ts……

The Do’s:

Selecting your contractor: Talk & meet with the well-established office fit out company.

Your timelines: Outline your project timelines, expectations and budget with thew fit out company.

Previous Works: Ask the fit out company to show you previous completed projects and see if you can be taken to them.

Layout: Choose a layout that suits all your needs, discuss options available. Options such as sound proofing will cost less at the start of the project rather that retro fitting after the project.

Project Management: Ensure that your fit out company looks after project management, sets out dates and arranges contactors in the order that they should be.

Data & Electrics: Cables are changing all the time, if you are laying cables for a boardroom, add cables like USB C (USB 3.1) now. They may not be used now but can be coiled up and stored under a desk or floor. Always ensure your fit out company is used a registered contractor and that certs can be supplied on project completion.

Office Furniture: Choose ranges that can be adjusted in length, this will all changes to office layouts in the future.

Office Seating: Good office seating will have less staff absenteeism due to back pain.

Register your project: If your project timeline goes over a certain length of time, you will need to register this project with the HSA & local county council.

Ask the professionals: Consult an architect or engineer before starting the project. Your fit out company will be able to introduce a professional.

The Don’ts:

Time: Don’t rush your decision. Take time and full evaluate your options.

Cheaper isn’t better: Cheaper options may look good on paper however they will have less quality components and lower warranties.

Product Spec: Always buy commercial grade products, these will have a higher spec and in most case such as audio visual will have a swap out option if an issue arises.

Office Furniture: Where possible avoid second hand furniture, if you wish to expand your staff numbers in time, adding on can be difficult. These products will also not carry a manufactures warranty.

Contractors: Choose reliable contractors, an established fit out company will have contractors that they use and trust.

Project management: Don’t try and manage the project yourself. This is not your expertise and could affect the project.

Too many contractors: This can cause issues with too many contractors who have never worked together.