moka felt chair by nomique


At S & S Office Interiors we believe in long lasting relationships with both our Customers and our Manufacturers. Our manufacturers are spread across Europe and S & S only selects manufacturers of quality, Nomique being one of them. Along with Nomique, S & S Office Interiors also partners with Bisley, Buronomic and Verco to name a few. However, Nomique is very special to us because S & S Office Interiors is the leading and exclusive seller of Nomique furniture in Ireland.

About the Manufacturer

Located in Telford and with a Showroom located in Clerkenwell, London; Nomique is a British designer and manufacturer that has been around since 2002. The furniture supplier offers a wide array of products including task & ergonomic seating,  soft seating, meeting & conference seating, as well as furniture including meeting room tables.

The Manufacturer’s Innovations

Nomique is such a great partner to work with as they are always expanding their horizons. For example, they just introduced a new product, the Moka Felt Chair. This chair uses innovation to give “waste” a second life. The seat shell of the Moka Felt Chair is made from recycled PET bottles. The company made a product that is beneficial to the environment without sacrificing comfort or style. The chair has sound absorbing qualities and is available in multiple shapes and sizes to best fit your office.

moka felt chair by nomique

The Moka Felt Chair by Nomique made of Recycled Materials

Additionally, we are very excited to announce the launch of Nomique’s Worksphere which we will be offering later this year. Worksphere is an innovative way of setting up an office offering modularity in design, flexibility, individuality and possibilities. The layout intends to maximize space while giving the office and employees the option to shift the furniture as they see fit for their environment. Furthermore, Nomique promises no limits on colors, finishes, or fabrics making the entire process customisable to not only your office, but to your needs.


Worksphere by Nomique

Nomique’s newest innovation, Worksphere

All in all, we are proud to be a partner of such an innovative company that wants the best for it’s partners, the environment and most importantly it’s customers.