Some 29% of workers have considered moving jobs because of the impact their work environment is having on their health. Creating an ideal space for a happy and productive team can help avoid increased recruitment costs and associated drops in productivity. Choosing standing desks is a great place to begin but here are a few more ideas on doing just that.

How to improve your office environment to increase productivity:

  • Consider multiple screen monitor risers. They help maximise workspace and increase productivity. Research shows that introducing a second screen can increase productivity further, by up to 30% and reduce errors up to 33%.
  • Maximise natural light wherever possible. Bad lighting can cause eye strain and headaches, while very dim lighting can leave your team feeling low.
  • Get the temperature right. A nasty draught can be very uncomfortable, while an overheated room can leave people feeling too lethargic for real productivity.
  • Declutter shelves, desks and floors. A messy office full of unnecessary clutter and equipment can raise anxiety levels and see productivity plummeting. Keep the space tidy and organised to boost efficiency and wellbeing.
  • Listen up. Are outside noise sources causing distraction from the job in hand? Make sure your team has the peace and quiet they need to focus. Create a quiet zone in the office or breakout areas.
  • Check the air quality. Proximity to the office kitchen and associated cooking smells can create a stagnant, airless atmosphere, especially if windows are rarely opened. Get air circulating in the office and introduce some foliage and to revive everyone’s energies.

With a few minor changes to the physical environment in your office, you could see a real difference in terms of employee wellbeing and productivity.