Ogi Drive desk is an ergonomic workstation with universal applications, responding to the demands of different people. This electric height adjustment system allows the desk to fit to individual needs of the user and specific work dynamics. Its sit/stand nature can promote healthy body positions,which may help reduce or prevent back pain. The ability to have the desk in a sitting or standing position, makes it an accessible to wheelchairs. The universal form of Ogi Drive desks suits offices with various organisation systems: for designated individual places, coworking and hot-desking working styles.


  • electrical height adjustment in the range of 650-1300 mm;
  • available with adjustment range of 700-1200 mm – please contact our Customer Service;
  • one of the most quiet motors on the market, only 48 dB;
  • ideal match between height of the desk and user’s needs;
  • optional setting memory and Bluetooth app;
  • anti-collision system with counterweight and giroscope;
  • a few sizes of the top and finishing materials to choose;
  • optional: practical accessories;
  • for various working spaces: traditional offices, coworks, hot-desk spaces, as well as public interiors, eg. universities.


Desk electrical height adjustment 650-1300 mm

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