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Why You Need Desk Screens in Your Office

Open office space plans are the way of the future. Whether we like it or not, shared space in the office is an efficient way to set up a workplace that is not going anywhere anytime soon.  An open floor plan allows for easier communication, is economically friendly for the company, and fosters collaboration in the workplace forming better employee relationships and teamwork. While all these are impactful benefits, the two things that seem to bother people are lack of privacy and the constant distractions eating away at their productivity. Introducing Desk Screens for the office, the way to make the open office space transition flow seamlessly.

desk screens

Pictured above are different coloured options of desk screens in our showroom in Swords Co. Dublin

Our Desk Screens, just one of our many partitioning options; are the perfect solution for an open office space. With so much hustle and bustle throughout the day, S & S Office Interiors wants employees to feel as if they have a space of their own. Of course, this doesn’t mean having to give up style in the office. Through our provider, OSIL, who is located in Ireland, we are able to offer many options to our clients. These include a choice of colours to compliment existing office furniture, different types of desk screens and floor standing screens. We want you to feel happiest with the screen you select to ease distractions and help flourish productivity in your office.

Desk dividing screens have numerous benefits in the modern day office. They allow the division of desks in the office in order to create privacy, noise reduction and a defined space an employee can call their own. The open floor office plan is a trend that is only on the incline. While the benefits will be great for the company as a whole, we can keep the cons to a minimum with the simple input of desk screens.