CIBSE: Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

  • Link to their ‘emerging from Lockdown page: LINK
  • Primary recommendation is increased ventilation to dilute any potential risks in the air
  • Warns against the use of systems that re-circulate or move air between spaces in a building.
  • Warns against using HEPA in an existing system – ineffective
  • Section 4.2.10: Air Cleaners:

–Highlights the importance of using HEPA filters

–Highlights the risks of basic entry level units with low airflow performance

–Highlights the importance of location and room coverage and being in the ‘breathing zone’. AeraMax Professional as a wall mounted, head height installed solution with high air change performance is well matched to their advice.

–HEPA is clearly their main recommendation. They also reference UV but linked more to health care facilities. They don’t flag UV as superior in any way.