In preparation for opening of the S & S Office on the 18th of May, our team have put Covid 19 procedures in place in our office.

1. Clean Air: Our office now has a AeraMax Professional Air Purifier System which kills 99.97% of Virus, Bacteria and Germs in the Air.

2. Social Distancing: Desks have been moved to allow staff to work from a safe distance.

3. Hand Sanitizer Stations: Hand Sanitizer Stations have been located at the main Entrance.

4. Signage: Covid 19 signage has been located across the office, canteen, showroom & warehouse.

6. Back to work Packs: Each staff member is allocated a personal PPE pack that includes Gloves, Mask and wipes.

7. Break Times: Staggered Break times

8. Working From Home: Where possible Staff who can work from home will do so.