Available in four sizes, Viga conference tables are an excellent choice for meeting rooms disregarding their dimensions: there will always be a suitable option.

Featuring a straight, rectangular worktop on elegant and sturdy wooden legs, these tables get rid of any unnecessary elements and are back to the basics: a useful and comfortable space for meetings and conferences. For extended comfort, Mediaboxes and anti-fingerprint laminate are available.

Product features

  • Compliant with standards: PN-EN 527-2:2017-02, PN-EN 14073-2:2006;
  • Several oak finishes to choose from;
  • Optional black Fenix anti-fingerprint laminate;
  • Different sizes for the different conference rooms;
  • Mediaboxes available for laptops, mobile phones and presentations;
  • Modular and adaptable;
  • Sturdy legs which guarantee years of intensive use

Technical Data

  • Worktop – Viga: 30 mm thick, veneer/HPL, Viga M: MFC 18 mm, ABS edge;
  • Leg – Viga: wood, profile 80×40 mm, Viga M: veneer, profile 80×40 mm;
  • Leveling – 5 mm range;
  • Options with extra charge: mediabox M06 – 2x230V+USB charger, colour: black; mediabox M06H – 2x230V+HDMI+USB, colour: black; top access M10 – colour: FENIX – black matte, MDF; top access M05; mediabox M04H – 2xRJ45 (class E, cat. 6); + 1 x USB + 1 x HDMI + 4 x 230V; mediabox M04 – 2xRJ45 (class E, cat. 6); + 1 x USB + 4 x 230V

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