Stilt sofa with high back works as an arrangement element of the office spaces but also residential, public, restaurant, and hotel interiors. The offer includes a two-seater and three-seater sofa what allows for implementing and adapting it to the given space and user preferences. By adding the high back, the sofa gains the ability to designate areas within a space. The framework in a matte finish and upholstered seat create a unique piece of furniture that fit the interior regardless of the leading style.

Product features

  • Steel frame with springs;
  • Solid cconstruction made of steel tubes;
  • Soft cushions made of cut foam;
  • Available upholstery from recycled fabrics;
  • High backrest has acoustic properties;
  • High backrest allows to designate the space;
  • Practical add-ons: worktops, USB chargers and castors;
  • The design maintained throughout the entire collection articulates into a coherent whole.

Technical Data

  • Backrest – 18 mm thick particle board framework; cut foam, density of 25 kg/m³; upholstered;
  • Armrests – 18 mm thick particle board framework; cut foam, density of 40 kg/m³; upholstered;
  • Seat – steel framework with springs; cut foam, density of 35 kg/m³; upholstered;
  • Base – 4-legged, powder coated steel; legs made of tube Ø 30 mm, wall thickness 2 mm;
  • Extra charge option: mediabox M010 – USB A, C; 5V, 2×2,5 Amp;
  • Extra charge option: worktop – MDF lacquered 19 mm – in frame colour; powder-coated steel;
  • Castors – with brakes; Ø75 mm.

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