smarter surfaces

Why You Need Smarter Surfaces in Your Office

Smarter Surfaces is a writable, magnetic paint that can be introduced into your office to add a world of functionality. The company offers Whiteboard Paint, Projector Paint, Magnetic Paints and Wall Coverings all meant to turn everyday surfaces into useful spaces. Additionally, a clear coat can be added on top of a digital print, combining branding and functionality in your office. Turn a wall into a projector or your table into a whiteboard with ease! Smarter surfaces is the aesthetically pleasing way to save space while making collaboration in the office both easy and enjoyable.


smarter surfaces

Our Dry Erase Smarter Surfaces table in our showroom in Swords, Co. Dublin

Smarter Surface’s Products:


We understand not everyone can paint on a new surface in their office, and therefore also offer wallcoverings. Wallcoverings are wall paper like coverings that can be made in many colours and offer the features of dry erase, magnetic, projection or all three!

Dry Erase Surfaces

Transform your walls and workspaces – or any smooth surface into writable areas of any size and colour. Take a step to declutter and modernise your office for improved productivity and collaboration. Dry Erase surfaces in our wallcoverings are available in white and have fast application. Paint is available in clear, white or any colour of your choice!


An alternative to paint,  Smarter Surface’s wallcovering can even be applied to curved surfaces

smart surfaces magnetic

Get creative with Smarter Surface’s Magnetic and Dry Erase paint in any colour

Smart Surfaces Dry Erase

Smarter Surface’s Dry Erase Wall, painted on any smooth surface in your office including walls and tables

Magnetic Surfaces

Transform you walls by making them magnetic for better planning and communication throughout the office. When choosing your surface you will be able to choose the magnetic strength as well as if you install it with paint or a wallcovering. Your new magnetic surface can be topcoated with any paint colour, digital print or wallpaper.

Projector Surfaces

No need for projector screens anymore with this high quality alternative which blends into your existing walls and creates a HD projection surface. Have your pick at painting on a projector wall or a wallcovering that also transforms into a dry erase wall! Use this collection to promote brainstorming and highly interactive works areas such as displaying internal plans and projects charts. 

Combined Surfaces

Ideal for those who want it all, you can create a combination of dry erase, magnetic or projection all in one. Smarter Surface’s individual products work together to provide double or triple functionality on any smooth surface. Consider magnetic and dry erase or dry erase, projection and magnetic.

smart surfaces paint

Smarter Surfaces Paint can transform any smooth surface into innovation

We’ll Take Care of All the Hard Stuff

Additionally, S & S Office Interiors will take care of the installation of the product to make sure the transition is seamless. Let us help you brighten up your workplace while promoting collaboration and teamwork in the office. So sit back, relax, and let us get to work building your dream office.

Come visit our showroom in Swords Co. Dublin to see it all first hand and try out a smarter surfaces today on our tables and walls. We look forward to making your surfaces smarter!