reception desk rivage

Why Your Reception Area is Important

The human eye judges things in a matter of seconds. When a client, future employee or current one walks into your office, the reception area is the first thing their eye meets. Is it standout? Is it welcoming? Does it make you want to stay a while? All of these are important aspects for making clients feel at home in your office and making future employees excited about working at your company. First impressions are everything, and with a unique entrance to your office, you will be able to make people happy about the thought of staying a while.

reception desk rivage

Our ‘Rivage’ Receptionist Desk, Available in multiple styles and colours


When picking out your reception desk, you must first ask some questions about the space

How many people should it accomodate?

What furniture do you want in your waiting area?

Does the desk need storage (pedestals)?

What kind of chair will you use?

What shape do you want the desk to be?


reception area

One should assess how many people will sit at the desk and what size and shape they desire. One should also assess what type of storage one needs and what height the desk should be. Another important aspect is what furniture you choose for the waiting area and what type of chair you provide for your receptionist. These are all important factors in making the reception area the most welcoming and functional it needs to be for your company’s purposes.

reverso reception desk

Our ‘Reverso’ reception desk, available in multiple styles and colours

All in all, putting some effort into your reception area shows that you are willing to put effort into not only your office, but your team and your clients. A welcoming reception area makes your employees more excited to come to work each day, as they are proud of the place they work. Whether a client, an interviewer or an employee, your reception area is the first and last thing a person sees when they come and leave your office space. Make a first impression that is lasting and fosters your relationship with those people.