Ogi Drive with manual height adjustment is an analogue alternative to the standard Ogi Drive desk. It has the same aesthetic and all the advantage of the electrical desk and has all the advantages of the height adjustment. The manual regulation system works quietly and does not need to be connected to electricity, which opens endless configuration possibilities. The fact that there are not cables involved, it provides unlimited options for location, as it’s independent of the distance from a power socket, the user can still adjust the height of the worktop to their needs and working styles, stand up or sitting. The manual version of the Ogi Drive is ideal for hot desking or spaces with an insufficient number of power sockets.


  • manual height adjustment system in the range of 650-1000 mm;
  • ideal match between height of the desk and user’s needs;
  • possibility to stand up while working;
  • quiet manual height adjustment system;
  • european quality of components produced and tested in the .mdd factory;
  • a few sizes of the top and finishing materials to choose;
  • possibility to add practical accessories;
  • optional acoustic panel;
  • solid and durable MFC worktop;
  • stable metal frame;
  • for group working spaces: offices, lecture hall, training rooms, laboratories, workshops.


Desk manual height adjustment 650-1000 mm