Ogi Drive Bench means even greater convenience. The manual height adjustment allows matching each bench to the needs and preferences of the user, even for a few people using the same worktop. It is also possible to use it for tasks of various types. Having a manual mechanism means that it does not need to be connected to a power supply, so the desk is independent of power socket availability. Ogi Drive Bench features universal aesthetics, which makes it suitable for various types of spaces: from offices up to working and learning spaces, such as lecture halls.


  • manual height adjustment in the range of 650-1000 mm;
  • two work stations at one desk;
  • european quality of components produced and tested in the factory;
  • ideal match between height of the desk and user’s needs;
  • possibility to stand up while working;
  • quiet manual height adjustment system;
  • a few sizes of the top and finishing materials to choose;
  • possibility to add practical accessories and accoustic panels;
  • for group working spaces: offices, lecture hall, training rooms, laboratories, workshops.

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