S&S Launches Website

New Website Launches!

The month of May 2018 saw the Launch of our new Website. We have added new ranges such as ergonomic products, audio visual, acoustic panels and new office furniture and seating ranges. With the new lines added to our portfolio we have extended our Office Furniture Showroom located in Swords.

Take a look at some of the New Ranges added:

Ergonomic Products

Here we showcase Top-of-the-line Ergonomic products including Axia chair models, the Octave chair, QuickStand height adjustable desks and monitor arms to make a day in the office as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Acoustic Booths

Allow for an open work space but don’t compromise your privacy with these acoustic booths. We also offer our acoustic panels to aid noise reduction and keep distractions away from a productive work day.

Audio Visual

Let us handle the electronics with this customizable and efficient socket strip designed to never let any of your appliances run out of power. Want to save space and a sleeker look? It can also be mounted to furniture!

Height Adjustable Desks

Wish you could go to work without coming home with neck and back pain and feeling exhausted? These sit stand height adjustable desks will help to solve all those problems!

Have a look through our new website to see all the products we have to offer today to make your day in the office as efficient, comfortable and enjoyable as possible!