Despite this well-known design with similar lines in the market, this model was conceived by strictly basing its composition on the apparent as much as on the profound, with the objective of achieving an object permanently in vogue. The American architect Louis Kahn defines these bases as “inspired techniques” which allows them to be candidates for the transformation into classics. The sum of the quality of what is strictly necessary is path that leads to elegance.


Neta is a range designed for administrative environments that demand modern work spaces, and is set apart by its goal of aligning simple, minimalist shapes with noble finishes and the latest trends. In this sense, we see a double variation of both wood and lacquered finishes for this segment, which are combined with anodized aluminum profiling to produce a balanced, high-quality contrast.

The Neta range has been designed to be a leader in the world of modern executive furniture. Its design is based on high quality materials such as aluminum, wood and lacquered surfaces.

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