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Vertical gardens in natural lichen, maintenance-free and eco-sustainable

Benetti MOSS vertical gardens in natural lichen are made with full respect for the environment, they do not require any maintenance, do not attract dust or insects and, above all, they are beautiful. To make any interior space unique.

Benetti MOSS walls are made of 100% natural stabilized lichen. The moss that composes it is collected without causing any damage to the vegetation: due to its very characteristics and the methods of procurement it is therefore a fully eco-sustainable material.

Benetti MOSS is designed for indoor environments and has a duration of several years. It doesn’t attract dust because it has no electrostatic charge, it doesn’t attract insects and it doesn’t require maintenance. It is equipped with a fireproof certification which certifies its safety and has sound absorbing properties, thus improving the comfort of the environment as a whole. The only caveat: it should not be wet, so it is designed only for indoor environments, and requires a minimum humidity of 35%.
Benetti MOSS is composed of a natural lichen whose name is Cladonia Stellaris. When it is harvested – with the utmost respect for the environment and without causing damage – it comes in the Cream colour. It is then treated with the stabilization technique and offered in various colours, all made with non-toxic food dyes.
Benetti MOSS is available in a variety of colors ranging from Cream – the natural color of the lichen – to different shades of green and brown to colors that wink at fashion and design. Two particular proposals are Camouflage and Green Mix, made by combining lichens in different colors that recall vegetation.

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