The Kind Task office chair has been our best selling office chair and its easy to see why. Boasting a white or black frame,  black nylon 5 star base, and premium ergonomic technology the Kind Task has received solely positive feedback from clients. We admire the Kind task chair design so much that we use it as our own chair in the Beacon Irish Chairs Collection.

  • Detailed Description

    • Seat slide – adjust the chairs seat position to your comfort.
    • Synchronized mechanism – ability to lean back into the chair.
    • Height-adjustable arms – adjust to your comfort, an advantage for taller/shorter statures’.
    • Sliding arm pad – adjust your arm pad forwards/backwards to your preference.
    • Rotating arm pad  –  adjust your arm pad clockwise/anti-clockwise to your preference.
    • Adjustable lumbar support – raise and lower the lumbar support strip, especially important for the lower back.
    • Assembled mesh back – notably comfortable.

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