Glazed Doors


  • Single glazed with frame
  • Single glazed frameless
  • Double glazed framed
  • Slding Doors
  • Double glass doors

Our Glazed doors are a striking range of framed single and double glazed acoustic glass doors. Our glass doors have been designed exclusively for use within our System 25 and 68 glazed partition systems and can achieve an acoustic performance that competes with timber door sets as standard. We can also offer an elegant pocket sliding door as part of the range which is an ideal space saving solution for modern office environments.

Combined with our Double-Glazed partition system offers a practical and innovative solution for the discreet division of office space
– providing high acoustic performance and visual privacy
while allowing natural light through. Our partitions add
a contemporary feel that increases visibility across workspaces.
Available in either straight lines or faceted, System 68 Double Glazed is designed with the minimum of components, thus facilitating speed of installation without compromising quality. The various glass joint
options ensure a virtually frameless system with the addition of vertical mullion post if required between modules. Our framed door sets can take timber, glass, framed single and double glazed doors to provide a wide range of design options within the system.

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