The Ideal solution to sub divide a room for social distancing. Our System can be retro fitted to a solid or suspended ceiling using the track system. Sound reduction of  37 DB to 50DB can be achieved.

Classroom’s, Boardroom’s, Meeting Rooms, Canteens and Conference rooms can fitted with the folding wall system.

This Folding Wall System brings flexibility to your workspace. It is an ideal solution for dividing rooms with movable separation.
The Folding Wall System is an innovative solution designed to facilitate the service of the sliding wall. This solution eliminates manual rotation of the handle, facilitating the process and shortening the time to fold or disassemble the wall. Automating the process of wall panels docking is an essential solution in areas where the walls are often used and require temporary changes in the premises.


Modern Sophisticated System
Flexible workspace
Wide Range of finishing materials
Sound Insulation
Track Mounted

DB Rating

37 DB

43 DB

46 DB

50 DB

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