Innovative and modern two-position desk – Flow, thanks to its simple form and excellent functionality, meets the requirements of the modern lifestyle. The electrically height-adjustable worktop ensures comfortable work whereas the incorporated technology reduces the power consumption in “stand by” mode by half. The desk also requires fewer materials and energy at the production stage. Therefore, Flow is an ecological desk.


  • Two workstations;
  • Electrical height adjustment in the scope of 650 – 1300 mm;
  • Sit/stand function;
  • Quiet engine, only 48 dB;
  • Anti-colision mechanism;
  • Optional mobile app;
  • Technology reducing the power consumption in the stand-by mode;
  • Lower material and power consumption in the production process – comparing to otheer adjustable desks;
  • Produced in Poland, materials from European suppliers;
  • Designed for offices, universities, libraries and other work and study places.


Electrical height adjustment – 650 – 1300 mm range

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