The Eva ergonomic chair is designed to provide a comprehensive solution perfectly suited for any collaborative environment. A task chair with a design theory that is concentrated on the movement of the human body. Eva never stops moving – a chair with fluidity, it follows all your movements with a series of specific balances, supporting your back and distributing your weight. Eva is the ideal chair for any working space.

  • Detailed Description

    • Height adjustable. – as every office chair should be height adjustable, Eva will help you sit at the height that is most comfortable for you.
    • 360° swivel. – Eva is a swivel chair, allowing you to turn around and reach various parts of your workstation, whether it is on the desk in front of you or on a shelf behind you.
    • Self-weighting and tilt mechanism – allowing the user to adjust the chair to their needs and maximum comfort.
    • Independent levers for back adjustment to your posture – once again, to allow the user to adjust the Eva chair to their needs and reach maximum comfort while working.
    • Custom ergonomic armrest positions – up and down and sideways – whether you are reading a book in the chair and need to support your hands while they are higher, or if you are working by the desk and need your hands to be supported at 90°, Eva’s arms can be adjusted to always support your arms.
    • Soft touchpad on armrests – an elegant touch and make the chair even more comfortable.
    • Anti-knee rise – Eva will move with you – when you are leaning back in the chair or to the front – at all times keeping your legs in the same position – at 90° and your legs can remain flat on the floor.
    • Plastic back frame with assembled mesh to support your back.
    • Injected seat foam upholstered in premium fire safe fabrics.
    • Reduced aluminium for lightness.

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