The development of a proper ESD chairs is a challenging technical procedure. Developed and assembled with specifically selected materials and components, these chairs guarantee a safe dissipative effect of the electric charges and are provided with all necessary standards to be authorized inside any “EPA” area.

ESD Standard
Working chairs and stools with an essential line and a high structural strength, an ideal solution for laboratories with a high work intensity.

This line is proposed with ESD upholstery either in black or anthracite colours. Available with castors or glides, with or without a footrest and with three different seat heights.

ESD Standard Pu Soft
Working chairs and stools expressly developed for the working environment characterized by a high work intensity, with seat and backrest in black ESD soft polyurethane Pu-soft.
An ideal solution for laboratories where constant cleanliness is required.

Available on castors or glides, with or without a footrest, with three different seat heights. This line offers a standing aid collection, suitable for a working environment where the end user needs to move frequently without any obstruction.

ESD Professional
Working chairs and stools characterized by detailed finishing and a functional design, specifically required in research laboratories.

This line answers to straight ergonomical criteria and has been engineered mainly
considering the need of freedom of movement.
Upholstery is in ESD fabric in four different color combinations and available both with castors or glides, with or without a footrest, with three different seat height

ESD lab
Working armchairs and stools, ultimately emphasizing the well being of the end user and seat comfort. These products are provided with technical components and
mechanism answering to the latest ergonomical criteria. This line can be upholstered in four different ESD colours
and are available with castors or glides, with or without a footrest, in three different seat heights.

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