Do you have a Clean Air Plan for your Office?

Most companies are starting to discuss with their staff about a return to work plan in the coming months. Simple steps can be adhering to a 2 meter apart policy and a social distancing layout, However the Air that is circulated within the office area may contain potential risks for your staff.

Our team can discuss the “Clean Air Plan” for your office with the Aeramax Air Purifier Range.


4-stage True HEPA filtration provides maximum protection and is 99.99% effective against coronavirus.

Our smart technology works hard when contaminants are detected then shifts to standby when the room is empty or when the air is clean. This provides maximum protection while allowing for fewer filter changes and energy savings.

Benefits of the Aeramax Range:

  • 99.99% Effective Against Coronavirus
  • Easy Install
  • No Plumbing
  • Independent standalone system
  • Cost Effective against “Add on Air Handing Systems”
  • Removes Viruses, Odors, VOC & Allergan’s