Clara is our new acoustic meeting pod. Designed for one person, it’s a modern and innovative solution to create a private and comfortable space for individual work or video conferencing. Equipped with acoustic panels, the pod provides a noise reduced environment, reducing external noise and enhancing privacy. Additionally, the built-in table and seat provide a functional workspace, optimizing the user’s productivity. Customise the power outlets to suit your exact needs, whether that’s an on table, under table or in seat solution.

The Clara acoustic meeting pod offers a sleek and stylish design, making it a perfect fit for a variety of settings, from corporate offices to coworking spaces or even at home.


  • Built-in table: Custom-made built-in laminate desk available in a range of finishes. Table height: 720mm from the booth floor.
  • Built-in chair: Upholstered chair with sound-insulating foam and thick, comfy cushions.
  • LED light: Overhead LED light ensures the booth is well-lit but not too bright to cause glare or headaches.
  • Commercial carpet: 100% nylon to ensure durability, while the rubber back helps with sound insulation.
  • Acoustic panels: Clara has a choice of panels to change the aesthetic and improve sound insulation, ensuring your private calls stay private and uninterrupted.
  • Interior: Upholstered acoustic walls create a comfy and welcoming space to sit.
  • Ceiling fan: Quiet and powerful, it’ll ensure the air stays fresh all day.
  • Adjustable feet: Adjust the feet to ensure the pod is level no matter how uneven the floor is.
  • Magnetic door: Tempered glass door with a magnetic seal. Reduces internal and external noise while providing a sense of security and privacy.
  • Plug: A standard 3 pin UK socket is all that’s needed to get your pod up and running.
  • Power outlets: We offer a wide range of power options including standard UK sockets to USBC & 3 pin combinations for on desk and in seat.
  • TV Bracket: Non adjustable VESA 100×100 compatible. Max screen size 42″.
  • Roof Cover: Matching fabric roof cover available.*

*Black roof covers are supplied as standard.

Environmental Features

  • Motion sensor: Ventilation and lighting work from motion sensors, keeping the pod energy efficient.
  • Exterior panels: We offer Clara with a choice of exterior panels all made from sustainable materials. Choose from: bamboo, cork, Archisonic and Foresso.


The Clara meeting pod is designed and crafted to meet the highest possible standards, leaving no room for compromise or excuses. We take great pride in our commitment to excellence, and every effort is made to ensure that the final product is of exceptional quality. Skilled UK craftsmen use their expertise and attention to detail to create a product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the materials used in the construction of the Clara meeting pod are carefully selected and of the highest quality, ensuring that the finished product is durable and long-lasting. This dedication to quality and craftsmanship sets the Clara meeting pod apart from other products in its category, making it an ideal choice for those who demand the best.


In recent years, many workplaces have adopted an open-plan layout that promotes social interaction and collaboration. While this can have many benefits, it can also create challenges when it comes to noise control. With more people in a shared space, it can be difficult to have private conversations or concentrate on individual tasks. This is where the Clara meeting pod comes in. The interior of the pod is fitted with high-quality acoustic foam and fabric upholstery, which helps to absorb and reduce noise levels, keeping private conversations confidential. On the outside, the pod is fitted with tempered glass and carefully crafted panelling, which together, keep outside noises at bay. This means that you can focus on your work or hold confidential conversations without being disturbed by external noises. The design of the Clara meeting pod is a perfect solution to the challenge of balancing privacy and collaboration in the modern open-plan workplace.

Calls & Meetings

Need to take a private call? No problem! The acoustic foam and slated wood is perfect for sound preservation, making the Clara meeting den the location of choice for phone calls or jumping into a video call. We use a 650-lumen fire-rated LED bulb that creates the perfect lighting, activating automatically when you enter. The top-down position spreads a comfortable, warm light evenly, preventing glare on screens or headaches for the user.

Power & Ventilation

Being comfortable within the Clara meeting den is paramount! Due to the fan, it can suck out and replace over 100 cubic feet of air per minute, these meeting pods will stay fresh and maintain your set temperature. With a noise rating of 26dB, it won’t become a distraction while you’re working. We offer a wide range of power options including UK sockets, USB-A and USB-C connections.

Fabrics & finishes

With thousands of fabric colours and styles to choose from, you are spoilt for choice! We work with some of the biggest fabric manufacturers to give you quality and quantity. Too much choice? Don’t worry. Our expert team are here to help should you need assistance.

We also offer a range of wood and metal finishes.

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