The chair that meets the user expectations. Created to serve generations, the Baltic chair is a genuinely timeless piece of furniture. While designing the Baltic chair, Krystian Kowalski was driven by the idea of creating a multipurpose and multigenerational seat. His endeavour led to designing a form of superb adaptability that translates into a satisfactory user experience regardless of the given purpose. The ever-fashionable shell form sitting atop a solid four-legged base makes a wonderful blend of practicality and aesthetics. By implementing easy-to-maintain materials, the Baltic Basic is a long-lasting add-on for both homes and restaurants.

Product features

  • Comfortable shell chair made of plastic;
  • Durable and easy to maintain seat;
  • Traditional 4-legged base made of metal or beechwood;
  • Armrests integrated with the seat;
  • High-quality upholstery materials, some of which come from post-consumer recycling;
  • Recyclable materials;
  • Designed for offices, homes and public interiors, especially kitchens, dining rooms, restaurants, cafés and canteens

Technical Data

  • Seat polypropylene;
  • Base BL1P1: 4-legged, metal, powder coated, legs made of tube Ø18 mm, polypropylene feet;
  • Base BL1P14: 4 wooden legs, Ø35 mm, beechwood coated with transparent varnish

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