Using timeless materials and universal forms, Krystian Kowalski has created a multi-generational chair – durable and indifferent to the changes in trends. The designer returned to the Baltic family with the no-armrests version. In this form, the chairs are even more versatile – great for offices, homes and public interiors, especially gastronomy facilities and lounge zones. Its upholstered seat and simple 4-legged base (in metal or wood) make the chair exceptionally comfortable, regardless of the context and the function assigned to it. The upholstered cushion allows the user to lean back and relax. As the rest of the models In the family, Baltic 2 Classic is made of recyclable materials, that can be repurposed and reused. And as all the other seating in the collection, this one is durable enough to withstand years and even generations of use.

Product features

  • Upholstered polypropylene seat;
  • Upholstered foam cushion;
  • Traditional 4-legged base made of metal or beechwood;
  • High-quality upholstery materials, some of which come from post-consumer recycling;
  • Recyclable materials;
  • Designed for offices, homes and public interiors, especially for dining spaces: kitchens, canteens, bistros, restaurants and cafés

Technical Data

  • Seat upholstered + cushion – moulded foam, density of 79 kg/m3, upholstered;
  • Base BLK4P1: 4-legged, metal, powder coated, legs made of tube Ø18 mm, polypropylene feet;
  • Base BLK4P14: 4 wooden legs, Ø35 mm, beechwood coated with transparent varnish

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