Artiko means “joint” in Esperanto, and that fits a modular sofa perfectly. It was designed as a collection of slightly rounded elements that can be freely combined. Soft shapes and the lack of sharp edges allow for creating an unlimited number of fluid forms.

Artiko generates a friendly atmosphere in the interior. It favours relaxations and rest, as well as social interactions – modules can be arranged in a way to bring people together or designate niches for them.

Backrests and practical add-ons – tables and mediaboxes – allow the user to increase the functionality of the seat. Thanks to that, Artiko will be great for public interiors, such as lounge zones in offices, libraries, hotels or universities. At the same time, it will compliment waiting rooms and residential interiors just as well.

Product features

  • Fabrics – certificates: Oeko-Tex, Ecolabel;
  • Modules to be freely configured;
  • Metal segment connectors with a lock;
  • Seats and backrests upholstered with high quality fabrics;
  • Optional coffee tables installed on the joints between seats;
  • Optional M07 mediabox installed in the seat;
  • M07 mediabox: 1 x 230V + 1 x USB charger + 1 x RJ45, 2000 mA;
  • Produced entirely in .mdd factory in Poland, using components from European suppliers;
  • Designed for public interiors, offices and homes

Technical Data

    • Backrest – particle board framework; cut foam, density of 35 kg/m3; upholstered;
    • Seat – particle board framework; cut foam, density of 35 kg/m3; upholstered;
    • Worktop – MDF lacquered 16 mm – in frame colour;
    • Frame – powder coated metal 18 mm;
    • Option with extra charge: mediabox M07 – colour: black, white; 230V + 1 x USB charger + 1 x RJ45, 2000mA

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