Winsted who are well know as the market leader for Control room furniture have announced new ranges for 2022. All ranges are available from now to order. S & S and Winsted have had a strong business relationship since 2008 when S & S were appointed the main dealer for the Ireland.
Introducing the new Vue Workstation. As the name suggests, you’re going to see desks in a brand-new light. Configurable. Connectable. Adjustable. Just plain more than able. And even able to accommodate multi-operator solutions. Available in static or height adjustable. Horizontal/Vertical adjustable monitor mounts offer complete ergonomic viewing. Or should we say Vue-ing? Because everything allowing a mission critical room to operate with 100% focus went into every design detail. Like your choice of an open architectural design or a closed design with lower section doors. Color options. Worksurface options. The only option you don’t have is to sit at a desk not clearing a path for you to do your job at your very best. You’re going to love the Vue. From here, you can see all the way to success.