Comfort and safety of work are both influenced by the organization of the working station, that can be made harder by tangled cables. It can be avoided by vertical cable management systems. This practical and aesthetic desk accessory gathers all the cables and helps keep them in order, at the same creating more space under the worktop for your legs. Our wide offer consists of models dedicated to various desks. Thanks to that, cable management can be added to your office regardless from the size, finish and additional functions of the desk such as height adjustment. They are available in different styles and materials, so that they can match the interior and will be great for all spaces in the office, from private offices up to coworking rooms.


  • S93: fits Ogi A, Ogi Q, Ogi U and Ogi Drive desks (60 mm profile); installed on the leg of the desk; colour: matching the frame;
  • S96: fits Ogi, Ogi Drive and Ergonomic Master desks; installed under the worktop along the leg; colour: black fabric.

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