Rivet by Camira

Camira Fabrics

Our fabric provider, Camira Fabrics, has been “weaving the fabric of the world for decades”. The UK fabric innovator makes over 8 million metres of fabric each year; with an objective to bring colour, design, and personality to interior design.

Camira Fabrics

Pictured above are samples of Camira Fabrics located in our Swords, Co. Dublin Showroom

Customization Options

To begin with, there are many advantages of working with Camira. This is not just the supreme quality they provide, but also the variety of fabrics they make accessible. At S & S Office Interiors, all our chairs are upholstered using Camira Fabrics, thus giving a variety of over 2,000 fabrics to choose from. We place great emphasis on our ability to transform your work space into somewhere you want to be everyday, and believe customization of your product should be a top priority.

camira fabrics in our showroom

Pictured above are some of the hundreds of fabrics located in our Swords Showroom

As pictured above, we offer a wide array of fabrics in our showroom. Each fabric seen has a unique texture and look while offering endless colour options to best fit in with your office. At S & S Office Interiors, we want you to find the colour and material that feels the most at home to you and your workplace.

Vita Fabric by Camira

Pictured is a sample of our Vita by Camira, showcasing an array of 23 different colours to choose from

Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

Furthermore, another thing we really admire about Camira is their drive for innovation and helping the environment. One of their materials, Rivet, is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. Being just one of their recycled fabrics, Rivet comes in 33 different colours including different shades to choose from as well. Working with a partner who keeps the environment as their top priority is something we take pride in.


Rivet by Camira

Pictured is fabric samples of our recycled Rivet by Camira in our showroom in Swords Co. Dublin

Why Choose Camira Fabrics?

Ultimately, when selecting your office furniture and fabrics, keep in mind the impression you want to create. These will be seen and used by your employees, future office visitors and clients. Let the rich quality and dense variety of fabrics guide you into hand picking and creating the space you always dreamed of.


Interested in using Camira Fabrics in your next Office Project? Give us a call at 01-524-1534 and come visit our showroom in Swords, Co. Dublin!