Worksphere Collection

Our Worksphere collection offers a comprehensive solution for the ever-changing needs of the agile workplace. Worksphere has been designed to combine the flexibility required to meet evolving business needs, whilst empowering the individual to optimise their productivity and well-being.

One complete furniture collection

Worksphere is a new concept in workplace design which combines practical and technical functionality with comfort and wellbeing.
Whatever your space needs to achieve, Worksphere can create the perfect environment for you with all your requirements built in. Ever practical and functional, there are no limits on colours, finishes or fabrics. We can also incorporate any branding or individual elements of your own.

Why Worksphere?

Worksphere is a truly unique concept, where form, colour, texture and functionality come together in an environment that allows employees to feel that work is part of their lifestyle, a part of who they are.