Operative Kay4: how to bring elegance to the operative office, a collection with clear stylistic elements.

The lightness together with the precision of compositions, material researches and the study of colours, combines with the pure lines of this collection.

Desks, individual and multiple workstations, cabinets, come to life with solid metal structures, defined as primary volumes, clean lines, smooth surfaces and profiles.
Desks are configured as a monolithic structure, with accurate construction details and tops flushed into the same structure, available in white or dove-gray. Tops, in white or wood finishing, are combined with cabinets.

Colour and acoustic comfort. Screens give the privacy and colour to workstations, with different wood and fabric finishing. Moreover they can also fulfil the requirements of improving the acoustic comfort, with the use of sound-absorbing panels, upholstered in the same finishing of the seating and cushions.

The service unit may turn into seating element with the simple addition of a technical fabric cushion.

Kay4 meeting tables have always four metal legs, whether it’s a square table or whether it’s a multiple of the same. The middle support is guaranteed by central cubic elements, used as cable trays too.

4 metal legs, endless seats. Functionality and minimalism.

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